Important facts to know!

If your water/ice dispensing refrigerator-freezer is not dispensing water , probably the water pipes are frozen. To fix this simply defrost the fridge. Flies can be quite annoying! You can swat them out of the air by using a spray bottle. Using a heavy blanket can help you sleep better. Amazon Prime membership gives you […]

Weird facts compilation!

No introduction, let’s get right into it! In Thailand, there are women who are prepared to pay to have their breast and butts slapped to make them appear fuller and firmer. In 2010, a russian chip named Zhora had to go to rehab because he developed an alcohol and cigarette addiction after too many visitors […]

Random facts compilation Part 1

We have compiled for you a list of random facts, enjoy!! After Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, Comedy Central played a South Park episode mocking Kanye’s ego, four times in a row, back to back. A sailor who wishes to grow a beard in the Royal Navy has to submit a ‘permission to […]

All the facts about batteries you that you might never use!

Batteries are the center piece of our modern life if you think about it. Your phone , your laptop , your smartwatch, your car , your remote , everything needs them but most of us don’t know anything about them. In a very basic description, a battery is a container filled with an electrolytic chemical […]