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If your water/ice dispensing refrigerator-freezer is not dispensing water , probably the water pipes are frozen. To fix this simply defrost the fridge.

Flies can be quite annoying! You can swat them out of the air by using a spray bottle.

Using a heavy blanket can help you sleep better.

Amazon Prime membership gives you thousands of free ebooks.

Do you like a website but you don’t like the fact that it does not have dark mode? You can use the Dark Reader add-on. It inverts black and white and make your browsing experience more pleasant.

A sudden loss of vision affecting both eyes is a sign of a stroke. 30-50% of strokes involve vision loss, yet most people do not know that you can lose vision from a stroke and it is not part of the FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) acronym for stroke. If you notice a loss of vision in the periphery of both eyes, call your doctor.

If you are buying a tent for, lets say, 2 people get one for 3. For 3 people, a 4 person tent and so on because most of tents don’t account the fact you might store your gear in them.

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