Interesting stuff to learn about animals!

A small compilation of facts about animals!

Willie, a parrot, alerted its owner, Megan Howard, when the toddler she was babysitting began to choke. Megan was in the bathroom, the parrot began screaming “mama, baby” while flapping its wings as the child turned blue. Megan rushed over and performed the Heimlich, saving the girls life.

Some farmers in Bangladesh have switched to raising ducks instead of chickens, because during catastrophic floods, ducks float.

Yao Ming‘s conservation campaigns has led to a 50% drop in shark fin soup consumption in China. He is now working on poaching as well.

A Polish environmental charity put a SIM card in a GPS tracker to follow the migratory pattern of a white stork. They lost track of the stork and later received a phone bill for $2,700; someone in Sudan had taken the SIM from the tracker and made over 20 hours of calls.

When Lawrence Anthony, known as “The Elephant Whisperer”, passed away. A herd of elephants arrived at his house in South Africa to mourn him. Although the elephants were not alerted to the event, they traveled to his house and stood around for two days, and then dispersed.

When roosters open their beaks fully, their external auditory canals completely closed off. Basically, roosters have built in earplugs. This helps prevent them from damaging their hearing when they crow.

After firefighters saved piglets from a barn fire, 6 months later the farmer sent them sausages made from the piglets as a thank you gift

MRI of dog’s brains show that they see owners as family and prioritize the smell of humans over everything

An orangutan named Ken escaped from his enclosure at the San Diego Zoo multiple times in the 80’s. His apparent goals were visiting other animals, throwing rocks at a despised orangutan rival and taking photos with tourists.

An Orca killed a Great White Shark near California’s Farallon Islands in 2000. The smell of the dead shark’s carcass caused all nearby great whites to vanish. A great white with a satellite tag in the area was seen to immediately dive to a depth of 500 meters and then swam to Hawaii.

Koalas have one of the smallest brains in proportion to body weight of any mammal. They are so dumb, that when presented with leaves on a flat surface instead of on branches, they are unable to recognize them as food and will not eat them.

The scientists who first discovered the platypus thought it was fake. Although indigenous Aboriginal people already knew of the creature, European scientists assumed an egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, venomous mammal had to be an elaborate hoax.

Reindeer are the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light. This means that they can easily tell the difference between white fur and snow because white fur has much higher contrast. It helps them discover predators early in snowy landscapes.

A horse can produce a peak power output of 15 horsepower. Not 1 hp as you might have though

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