Opinion! Why youtuber Lindybeige might be the best ASMR content for us nerds!

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Lindybeige is YouTube channel that focuses on talking about history and warfare thought history.

And talking he does! He is the kind of guy that you will meet at a party and he will tell you why they used to use clips for guns when magazines existed (video here). He will rumble and rumble, on and on and on… but that’s why I like him. I want to sit on my bed, get comfy and listen to a glorious British bastard talking passionately for 30,40 maybe 60 minutes (but most likely 5 minutes) about how ancient forests looked like!

But he doesn’t just talk about warfare. He makes videos on tons of other stuff revolving around history and what ever he might feel. He really tickles the part of my brain that wants to learn new things and think about stuff otherwise it would haven’t thought of. You might say that HEY, there are a lot of channels out there doing the same thing, what is so special about this guy? I AM GLAD YOU ASKED.

Aside from his glorious English style of speaking, I love the style he delivers his content. Flashy educational videos with edits and over the top content are excellent and fun to watch but I really feel like I have a one to one conversation, although heavily one-sided. I don’t know, it feels kind of relaxing in a way. It is slow and packed content.

In a world where every video needs to be flamboyant and clickbaity, so it can be seen, LindyBeige is a refreshing change. You see a passionate man talk about stuff he and you like and just that. It really helps me focus on what that man says, the information he is relaying to me and not anywhere else.

I am a person who can’t focus on one thing. I have two monitors and most of the time I find my self opening a second browser window to reddit or 9gag when I am watching a video but with Lindy that doesn’t happen. If you are that kind of person with my short attention span, and you like that type of topics, check him out here.

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