Random facts compilation Part 1

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We have compiled for you a list of random facts, enjoy!!

After Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, Comedy Central played a South Park episode mocking Kanye’s ego, four times in a row, back to back.

A sailor who wishes to grow a beard in the Royal Navy has to submit a ‘permission to stop shaving’ form. He is then allowed two weeks to ‘grow a full set’ before he presents himself to the Master of Arms who will decide if his beard looks stupid or is respectably full enough to be permitted.

Spielberg wrote a sequel to E.T. in which Elliot receives a radio signal that leads him to believe E.T. is back. Unbeknownst to him the signal comes from an evil alien race that landed on Earth after picking up E.T.’s “phone home” distress call. He is then kidnapped and tortured.

Alexander I of Yugoslavia refused to attend public events on Tuesdays after three family members died on that day of the week. After finally being forced to appear on Tuesday, he was promptly assassinated.
In 1991, billionaire George Barber of Alabama had a bunch of life sized dinosaurs build and placed randomly in a 10,000 acre wooded area around his home.

A homeless man in NYC named Gangaram Mahes regularly orders an expensive dinner at a restaurant and refuses to pay for it in order to be sent to prison where he would receive 3 meals a day and a clean bed. He refused to commit more serious crimes to get longer sentences as he did not want to hurt anyone.

In 2012, a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Terfel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park.

The ruins of a 2,300-year-old Mayan Temple in Belize were destroyed by contractors who wanted to use the bricks for gravel to build a road.
Howard Lutnick donated more than $65 million to Haverford College because when he lost both his parents to cancer, the college was understanding and let him go tuition-free all 4 years.

Albert Battel, a German officer serving in the Wehrmacht during WWII, commanded his whole unit to protect Jews and threatened the SS to kill them if they crossed a bridge into a Jewish ghetto to round them up.

Rose Leslie(Ygritte in Game of Thrones) grew up in Lickleyhead castle, her family’s 15th century ancestral seat in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is a descendant of Charles II.

Only nine restaurants in the US are certified by the Kobe Beef Association in Japan to carry real Kobe Beef. Every other restaurant that might say they serve “Kobe Beef” is serving a knock-off product. (Source)

The United States of America has surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia and now produces more oil and natural gas that any other country in the world.

To get the role of Jim Morrison, Val Kilmer learned 50 Doors songs. He sung them so well that when they heard him sing them the real members of the Doors couldn’t tell whether it was his, or Jim Morrison’s voice.

The movie “Sideways” single-handed dropped overall price and demand for Merlot because of the line, “I’m not drinking a f*cking Merlot!”.

Many words in English used to be spelled phonetically (e.g. debt was ‘det’) until some scholars purposely added silent letters to make the look more like Greek or Latin words, sometimes erroneously.

Mathematician Paul Erdos, an avid amphetamine user, once accepted a friend’s $500 challenge to stay clean for 30 days. Erdos won the bet but complained that “mathematics has been set back by a month”.

A blind American named Daniel Kish taught himself to navigate using echolocation. His hobbies include hiking and mountain-biking, and he has now trained over 500 students in his ‘tongue-click’ technique.

In 1987, a minor league catcher named Dave Bresnaham carved a potato into the shape of a baseball and used it in game to deceive a baserunner. His team fined and released him, and that was the end of his career.

In 2000, a Mexican woman named Ines Ramirez Perez successfully performed a C-section on herself after 12 hours of continual pain with a kitchen knife and three glasses of hard liquor, while her husband was drinking at a bar.

In 1994, a convicted murderer was granted a retrial after it came to light that four of his jurors had used an Ouija board to consult the victim before rendering a verdict.

Namco patented minigames during loading screens that lasted 20 years. The patented expired just last year. This is why all loading screens are mostly static(and not really interesting). (kotaku article)

The human brain remains half-awake when sleeping in a new place for the first time.

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