Facts about make up and beauty products in the ancient world.

Trying to enhance yourself to make you look more beautiful is nothing new. Ancient cultures also tried to look the best although the big difference is that today make up and beauty products are waaaayyyy safer. Let’s look at some examples from the ancient world. Roman women loved face masks after a bath. Because the […]

How the most popular photo of Einstein came to be?

March 14, 1951, Albert Einstein celebrated his 72nd birthday. His colleagues and friends had organized a party at Princeton University’s private club. The event allowed entrance to several photographers to capture moments with the great physicist who had developed the theory of relativity and was already honored with the Nobel Prize for his photoelectric research. […]

How a basketball accident shook the stock of NIKE

The accident of basketball player Zion Williams made Nike’s stock to drop by nearly 2% on Thursday, February 21th because of what happened unexpectedly to a major NCAA campus game between Duke University and North Carolina. The left Nike shoe worn by the basketball star opened in the middle and as a result he suffered […]

The last birthday of Hitler and the “gifts” of the soviets.

On April 16, 1945, the Soviet Army unleashed its final assault on Berlin, the heart of the “millennium” Reich. Four days later, on 20 April, and while the Soviet “steam roller” was impossible to stop, the Berliners were informed by Propaganda Minister Yosif Gabybels of the “Happy event of Fyrer’s 56th Birthday”. An aversion to […]