The Aphrodite of milos and the farmer who loved her.

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The statue of Aphrodite of Milos is one of the most recognizable works of art of all time.

It was found on April 8, 1820 by a local farmer, who, according to the legend, just saw Aphrodite fell in love with her. He loved her so much he hid it in his home and tried to keep it a secret. He spend so much time with her that his wife got really jealous and started talking to the town about what her husband was doing. Although sadly as intrestring as this story sounds, it is probably just a legend.

At that time, in the sparsely populated Milos there was a French mission, which heard about the statue and rushed to claim it. The way of how Venus came to the hands of the French are varied. It is certain that the Turks tried to negotiate to take it but failed. It is also said that during the fighting of which side should own it, the sculpture suffered damage. In spite of the great adventures that have passed, it remains an excellent work of art.

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